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Having bought the recently released Steiger 9150 (I still have the photos to do :-[) I wanted to find out a little more about the real thing, especially whether it was distributed in the UK?  I have seen some of the later examples such as the 9350 over here, but no evidence of the older ones.  Is the 9350 an updated version of the 9150?

Mananged to get a brochure for the 9370, does anyone know where to look for some other Steiger info - besides ebay? ;)

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Sorry for delay in replying - thanks for the link, had a chance to read through it last night.  I haven't come across any photos of the early red ones over here, so perhaps there was a lull.  The articles on the older tractors in CT were just great - I know these big old things are an acquired taste, but I really like them. :)

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