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I was quite surprised at the anouncement of the 1/32nd 8010 FWD with the 8 furrow plow as the 2009 Plow City Show Tractor. I kind of thought that we would have seen an 8650 FWD as the 09 model, But I am still very excited about this model and will be picking one of these models up. I hope we see several variations of the 8010/8020 FWD done.

I really hope that Ertl does the rare Industrial 8020 FWD in 1/32nd scale off of the casting! And yes the Industrial version did indeed exsist! 

Take Care Jason

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Just got my Jan 09 issue of the Toy Farmer, saw the order forum for the 8010 with plow. Made a photo copy of the order fourm, filled it out today and will be mailing it off tommorrow. Deadline for ordering is March 1st, 09, but I thought I  better order her now before I forget. Will be a nice addition for the collection for sure.

Will look great with my 1/32nd 7020, 7520, 8630, 8430, 8440, & 8640, as well I could include my 32nd 9630 & Dusty Waterloo Works 9630T. Hopefully we see a 32nd 8020 out of this tooling as well later on.. I would like to see a 32nd 8650/8850 Deere as well. A WA-17/WA-17 Deere in 32nd would be a dream too! 

Take Care Jason B

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