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Bed re-shaper & mounted sprayer

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A basic bit of kit I thought up,but handy all the same. :)

Becasue carrots are in the gound for such along time the side's of the beds get broken away by the blasting of the irragation gun and the wheels of the sprayer/fert tractor on fine sandy soils.This also makes it easyer for carrots rust fly too lay eggs at the base of the carrots on the out side rows of the bed.So with a bit of speed on this simple tool takes a little soil from between the beds and re-shapes them keeping the carrots safe in there bed. :-*

The state of the soil at the time the beds are formed has alot to do with how well the bed walls last over the season.In some cases only runing up the spray runs would be needed.

Enough rabbitig on about carrots,here it is on my Fiat880.


An aussie made Silvan mounted sprayer I've been working on will also come in handy were small areas need treating.


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Excellent Ol........Always good to see your root crop kit........ :) :)

i don't know what to say Ol  :o :o :o :o I loooooove that sprayer mate  :P :P

That sprayer came up the dogs from what it was, all you need now is a layout (or a nice and fine dug garden patch.....)

Echo that... cracking kit Ol... as always... and I too appreciate the insight into what they do... and equally importantly... why they do it..

I MUST get you some more pics from my Carrot growers sometime soon  ;)

Good of you lads to drop by and have a look,thanks very much.

nice work there Ol, what model was the sprayer originally :-\??, i take it its a convo??

and yes Marky, you do need some pics! ;) ;)

Thanks Ben,it was a cheap o basic plastic tesco type model.

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