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its a front linkage added and cut to fold upwards,the bonnet was a6290 but i added bout 2mm and then added the 5455 grill,measured off the real one and the bonnet was tricky but im happy with it now.still have the air box to add to top of bonnet,was waiting on the decals for weeks

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my inspiration for building these 64/74 series came about last year when i paid 75quid to buy what was supposed to be a new shape 6480 and when it arrived it was smashed in box but also was only a uh 5480 stuck on a landini chassis...the 5480 bonnet looks absolutely nothing like the new 65/74 bonnets,the new 64/74 bonnet im working on at min,ive spent 14hrs so far trying to get it right,they curve in halfway to allow the wheels to get a full lock and the bottom also curves up,they are a very tricky bonnet to make as there all hand carved,ive to add side panels to it yet and then pick a suitable base model to put it on so you,s prob wont see it for a month or two yet,yes i know there plans from a manufacturer to release one this year but im going to go ahead with mine anyway,itll probably be a one off unless i cast the bonnet...the supposedly 6480 i bought for 75 quid later got the chop as i was so dissapointed with it and i turned it into an old shape 7495,so i learned my lesson by buying about buying convo,s with absolutely no thought put into them,i would nt sell a mf convo unless it was good enough to display on my own shelf

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