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JAGUAR 980 "Model of the Year 2009"


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Even excellence can be improved. The 25.000 JAGUAR left the production in April 2008. Now it is available as the Model of the Year 2009; exclusive packaging, scale 1:32,limited and numbered charge with 2009 pieces, two exhaust pipes, signature from Helmut Claas and 25.000 on the side hatches, very detailed e.g. 40KM/H sticker, rotating lights, plates GT- J 980, and cabin instruments with offset colours. 

Size:    1:32 

Material: zinc

Manufacturer: SIKU

Article Number: 00 0256 646 0

Your Price:  EUR 59.50 

Available: Available end of November

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I've not noticed it on the other models, i was going to buy the Claas Jaguar, but don't think i will know....i'll have another UH Krone Big X instead  ;D

I  wait till UH will releas a claas jaquar ( hope that UH releas one). Till that time the claas 900 green eye is oke for my.


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I've got the 960 - it isn't bad at all, apart from the steering thing, and the impossible to remove driver!

Would have been nice if Wiking did it, but all the same not a bad looking model.  Still hoping UH will re release the Big X with a grass head though, a 3 metre one!

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I like The Siku version far better than the Britains NH FR9090 .

good to see ;D ;D ;D, the RC2 (Britains) versions are really poor!, people should read reviews on here before buying! :D :D :D::), its a shame Siku didnt realease the grass head but i'm sure they will soon ;) ;)

The Siku models hve the steering knob as they are also used as well detailed toys, we have to remember that ;), pity the MB trac doesnt have a steerring function!, i would have brought one ;)

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