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WIKING JD willy up!


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Ive just trawled the net for pics of new JD6930 and found two pictures taken from the side that clearly show that wiking have gaffed!!!

The first was of the silver prototype 6930 which is exactly that with its distinct flat bonnet top. The other pic of finished tractor is totally different as the bonnet has identical curved or humped  bonnet to 7530 siku version :-\  The rear wheels are clearly based on R42 rims(6930 has R38) and the front weight with extra bit on the bottom is another giveaway.

So why have wiking decided to badge 7530 as smaller 6930 ??? after all Siku have released Claas Axion 850 al ready and Fendt 936 and both those have been upgraded to wiking specification with out a number change :-\

Right whose gonna print of a batch of 7530 decal replacements and whats the best way too remove the existing 6930 transfer????>:(

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i very much doubt there on model out there thats 100% perfect, unless its a dbp or similar, so i wouldnt worry to much about it, you dont se others to bothered do you, as for decals just wipe off with nail varnish remover if they arte printed on, be carefull mind you dont remove the green to, just use a cotton ear bud

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At the price they want for the model it should be correct! If other makers can get it right on modern equipment there is no reason for Wiking to make a mistake! The prototype had the six post cab and the new one the four post. Could be Deere dictating the use of the latest cab but it's a pity about the bonnet :(

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I reckon Wiking are safe.

This is turning into a New Holland Ford blue top/white top 40 series saga I know but I have also just trawled the images apread across the WWW and found the 30 series have ridged bonnets and it is the 20 series that have a flat topped bonnet. So in that respect, along with the fact the wieght package is an option as to which you would like... Wiking have got it right by having a ridge bonnet on their model and the addition of the fully wieghted front block.

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Heres whats happened,

Wiking decide not to make detailed 7530 but instead to freshly tool and make 6930 which is a bit smaller and has a less pronounced bonnet bulge (silver prototype and totally exact 6930 replica appears on net)

Somebody in marketing dept orders a few hundred thousand 6930 decals at great expense ;) Then along come Deere and say we want the super sexy new panoramic cab on it and not the prototypes standard one!  So wiking design great new cab and then the CREDITCRUNCH hits ::)  So some bright spark in the design team says lets save a heap of money and fit the same running gear & bonnet as existing siku 7530 (and they have) then give it some super realistic TLS suspension detail to keep the punters happy and put it on the market ;)  Hold on cries somebody what about the truckload of 6930 decals we ordered which arrived last week!!!

Dont worry about that says the marketing man only a pr*ck like bluegreen and a few other hawkeyed members of the excellent farm toys forum will notice the difference ;D just tell the assembly line to stick em on ::)

I shall buy one as its a bloomin fantastic looking model :-* but the decals gettin swapped ;)

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