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Kuhn flail

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Hi all

First time on here, but seeing what you are all up to I thought I would have a go,bought a Siku Kuhn flail thought this would be good to start with as it's not to big and errr well not to costly if all goes wrong ::). any way been in the shed having a play, thought I would post a few pics to see what you think, When finished the plan is to have the pto shaft and hydrolic pipes connected up to the tractor

Oh and yes it was 1am when I posted this, thats my excuse for posting it here and not in the impliment section :-[



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Right bit of a change of plan, thought it all looked a bit to unused, so got the weathering sets out and a little dry brushing and a bit of redoxide over welded patches for a used look sorta thing. few pics of what I had time to do,1st is just painted 2nd is with a little weathering applied. if the weather is bad tmro I hope to get a lot more done.



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Now that's seriously impressive, you've taken a pretty dull model and made it something very special. I've got to get my head around these weathering paints, I've got a few things lined up to go at when I get the chance... I'll second what Andrew said about starting a dedicated topic, I did start one about the Tamiya sets asking for advice, be interested to see exactly how you achieved your effects. You going to weather the Fendt too..? Get some clippings up the front of it? Great work chap, keep it coming...

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Done a bit more today very nearly finished,.......now starting to look at the tractor and hmmmmm ::)

I would be more than happy to do a bit on what I know about the dark arts of weathering ;D. What section do I post it in as I am good at putting posts in the wrong section.....got of to a great start :-[

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