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Very Smart Fendt & Bulk grain trailer


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Someone has spent a lot of time on that and it shows. Paid off really nicely, the colours finish it off a treat.  :)

Overhere you can get your trailer in any colour you want. Only you have to pay something extra. I think this is also available for trailers that are made in the UK.


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A fellow from up the other side of Camelford. Collects his own feed grain.

few starting to do that of late, know of 3 cut down blower wagons being used to haul there own feed / grain, must be cheaper at a guess to lay out in the first place for the wagon, let alone the convo work to it
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well i wonder who spec'd that body as it's got some strange configureation for the compartment sizes !

It's obviously an adaptation from an old 8wheeler with a 3rd axle fitted.

It's very unlikely to have all the compartment gates in , but if it had the compartments would hold (from the back ) 3t,1t,5t,2t,3t,5t, = 19t  thats roughly for cattle feed so for grain that trailer must be carrying approx 25T :o

thats obviously why the 3rd axle was fitted !

so unless it's taxed as a haulage vehicle i'm with Gav , i certainly wouldn't want to take it past either a ministry or VOSA checkpoint  :-\

next time i'm down round that way i'll keep an eye out for it !

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