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MF6170 AND MF 6150/6140?

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Started a new project again because i have some projects to the side temporarely.

So here the start off the 6170.

The chassis is from the UH Celtis and the cab and cabplatform are from the Britians MF6290 and the gril is from the Britians MF6180.

here the photo's




The bonnet must be cut that it would be a litle bit shorter.

Still a lott of work to do on the model.

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After Long Long time :-[:-[  continued this model to today.

Painted the chasis and the rim this morning and the cab was painted a wile ago.

The cab needs to move to the front and be a bit lowerd at the back.

I also need to add a interior to this tractor and that would be one off the Siku 8280.


Also i started a 6150 or 6140 (not decided yet!) a while ago.

the chasis is from the UH Deutz K and the cab is also like the 6170 from the Britains MF 6290.

The bonnet is from the Britains MF6180.

Got one problem the left front fender is broken off :'(  now i think i take of the other one to! :'(


Here the 2 together


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nice work they are coming along nicely

its a shame britains don't still build the 6290 you can make quite a few models with the parts

Thanks mate

Have taken much time to get some inspiration, whit all the great stuff the big modelfactory's bring out lately!

I am afraid that the even come out whit a 3690 wich i am building also at the moment :-\

Got some 6290's in stock at the moment so i can build some more type's like this if necesary! ;D

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