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cab glazing

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Hi Mike,I'm going to try this on a future project,I'm just hopeing it's not to thick at 2mm,but it is fairly cheap £2.34 for an A4 size sheet and it's covered in cellophane to prevent scratchs




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I bought some stuff from Squires at TT which I think is probably the same as Sean uses. However, on closer examination, it looks identical to the stuff I use for the clear covers when I comb bind documents.... you can pick that stuff up at any office supplies or stationery store and is a fraction of the price compared to if you buy it from a model shop....

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I did the TM the other night using the clear sheet I got from Squires @ TT, lovely stuff to work with, shapes really well, with a border on the inside in permanent marker it sticks down well visually. I ballsed it up a bit but if you put lots of closely spaced spots of glue round the frame, when you push it on the glue spreads around the glazing and you won't see it at all behind the marker pen....

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