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Anyone of the brass users on here suggest a good cutting tool? I am using 2mm thick brass and have some cutting to do.

A hacksaw is too wide for an accurate cut....

There are two many corners for a table/bench saw....

Some cuts are quite long and I need a guide....


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Exactly, it's the notches and small cuts which stop me from using a guilotine. If If I could work something round the awkward end it would leave one straight long cut but the guilotine would chop off the bit I have just cut round  ??? ???

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I do mate yes. ..  I havn't got to that page yet  :D The catalogue has been my bedtime reading for the last week ;):D Good thought. Just hope the blades are strong enough. Actually, may be able to get tougher blads for the circular saw come to think of it.

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I know mate, I don't read as a rule but she does and it peevs the hell out of me. What's the point going to be and then sitting there with the bloody light on!! So it's a kind of, if you can't beat them, join them. Not only that, I stay awake untill she has finished reading that way too. Thus increasing the chances of a bit of slap and tickle!!  :D :D :D

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That sounds feasable mate. A table saw is what it needs as I need to feed the piece into the saw rather than the other way around.

I may feed myself into it if I can't do it. It's holding the whole project up now and I am just about to throw the lot out the window  >:( >:(>:(

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