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Model Tractor Winter 2008

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The new magazine will be with us either tomorrow or probably Thursday, will be a few reports from Spalding, Toytrac and another show, but no report from Zwolle as the show was moved back 2 weeks it was too late to get in this time round.

Also the final part of the Gehl Scavanger!

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They did have some type of parlour though Denis - can remember asking Santa for it :D :D

The milking parlour was based on the exact same one as I used to milk with, a Gascoign 4 abreast. There were 2 versions I beleive, one was with green parts and the other red. One had Freisian cows with it, the other Guernseys. I have a boxed one somewhere buried in the heap.  Just out of interest, while I'm here, has anyone got the sheep dip?

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The red one sounds interesting - not come across one of those.

2 articles from Warner hall - why on earth didn't Britains make the silos.  I had to make my own from a 1 gallon Walls Ice Cream tin! (Mind you, by the time they were discussing them, I was supposed to have stopped playing with toys ::) )

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i dont remember seeing a the red version of the milking parlour?, just green? :-\ :-\...which i have

i have the sheep dip....in what state i'm not sure as i used the metal rails for the construction model!

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Any idea how the guy from the farmyard pictures of toytrac got the wrapped round bales to look so real?


'That guy' is Graham, he told me his secret so I had a bash and popped up the results.  ;) He's a genuinely top bloke and very happy to help everyone with his ideas.

In the picture taken from the doorway looking across the crowded marquee look to the left. Tall chap with glasses is our owb PDH talking to Graham  ;)

Great magazine, lovely issue and nice and wieghty this time too. Thought the review on the new release Norscot Challanger was harsh but I don't have one, anyone care to comment? I'll be getting one anyway but nice to know what to expect. All the older ones are pretty damn smart.

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