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4 Leg sub-soiler.

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I made up this sub-soiler from bits and bobs I had left over on my table.It has 4 legs like that used on Grate Plains (US) sub-soilers.The draw bar is adjustable so that a roller can be pulled when working at a shallow depth in front of the seed drill when sowing cereals with min-tillage or the draw bar can be lifted up out of the way of the crumbler when very deep working is needed before carrot beds are formed.Depth is controlled by pulling out 2 pins and moving the crumbler up or down.The roller is my MKII cambridge roller with only the center roller in use.

The pictures...



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Local Lemken dealer had a crumbler left over,so I swaped him enough grass seed to resow the paddock out the back of the dealership for it........ ::)

Was wondering when i was going to see that again.... ha ha!

That thing is freaking aussome ol, top marks to you, it looks ace, look any good behind the 824?

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Splendid as usal Ol  :) :) ;)

Cheers Pete.

right nice combination you have built yerself there Ol  :)

Came out alright for just useing what I could find hey.

I like all this modells, especially the arrangements with the little persons taken from the Britains "Ransomes Faun" potato harvester ...

They can't be helping with the potatoes all the time so I give them a change to keep them happy. ::)

Really smart Ol,looks well suited to the merc :)

Thanks guy,should sound good.

looks good Ol mate  8)


Thanks for the kind words guys.
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