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milking parlour under construction


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well graham and garrets dairy units got me in the mood to go build a parlour, ovbviously wont turn out half as well as theres but im putting my best into it! this is supposed to be a 10X10 parlour. i still have to cut out the pit in the rasied floor. made a few gates and nut dispencers for cows.

one thing i cant think of is what to use for the troughs for the cows feed :-\ any ideas ???




this is the idea :-\


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taking shape matty  ;);D

cheers mate

looking great mate, what did you use for the gates

just 6mm dowel i had left over, then drilled holes and bent the copper wire into them :-\

nice theres a new 14x14 bou matic in up beside us brave sturdy lookin parlour 8)

aye they're good, the one at work must be 5year old and no real problems with it, just a few meters been replaced

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looks good to me matty thats the style mate look forward to more pics and updates  ;)

thanks Graham!! :)

Well Matty your on the right track, good start for the feeders just have a look around to see what looks right. I used bottle holders from a display rack. you'd be suprised what you could use, if I have any ideas I'll let you know  ;)

yea thanks there garret, i'll have a hoke about the garage for ideas on the feeders 8)

mm this is looking good i must say matty,whats next then

thanks sean!

i think il start putting in the metal work and frames etc, then il cut out the pit from the mdf. realy need to get the feeders sorted before i can do much more :-\

thanks for all the feedback :)

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