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Case mxu 125

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That does look fantastic Jamie, the TTV chassis suits it really well. Wouldn't it be nice if RC2 would produce castings, hitches and wheels as good as UH ones to save us from doing this. Still, I guess it's good for RC2 because we still buy the models to convert, and good for UH in the UK for the same reasons, models which may otherwise be a bit irrelevant over here are a vital source of parts. You can bet UH wouldn't have sold a fraction of the quantity of TTV's if the RC2 chassis was up to scratch!

Top work mate, and very neatly finished too. So what's next next?

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Thanks for the complements Simon :)

next for me is one you will like,a nh t6000,not sure whether to wait for the 6080 release to see if it comes with the mirrors,grab rails and up to date arches or just use the t7060 cab and floorpan,and then use a 6070 bonnet.

I wonder how many ttv's have been used just for there chassis ???

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I would hazard a guess that in the UK it's probably at least half of the total sold!

Looking forward to a 6000 from you in a BIG WAY!  ;D Don't keep me waiting too long....  :D :D

I wouldn't hold out much hope of seeing anything 'new' on the 6080... it will either simply be a redecalled 6070 and a lot of optimism that we're stoopid...[ surely RC2 wouldn't be that arrogant... ???] or they will have done what you're describing, as CJ did a month back.... of the 2 I'm hoping for the latter, it does look good....

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Thanks for the feedback lads,would of liked to have got the floorpan lower really but I had to grind some of the chassis as well as cut underneath the floorpan to get it at that height,the mf 6290 I did seemed easier to do than this one.

That has worked a treat, neat convo Jamie. Something you have driven of late or something you just fancied having a go at?

Just had the case parts sitting there Tris and thought I'd give it a go :)

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I was going to post a photo but I don't have any on this PC..... The NH T6000 [Essentially identical] does sit high at the back and tip forward if fitted with cab suspension.... it's [one of] my biggest irritations with the RC2 models, the cab sits far too low on the chassis.... so I would be very happy if I did one and it turned out like yours Jamie...

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