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Well I'm afraid that I've finally caught he bug now I'm in my own house and started to turn the spare room into a fam layout ::):D Not done too much to it yet, one side of the room is now boarded out measuring 2.4m x 1m, the entire room ityself only measures 2.4m square approx so is not overly big. The road has also been positioned on the board and painted on using Stone Effect paint (Manhatten Mist if anyone is wondering). Will try to keep the topic updated as I do more to it :)



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Thanks for the comments guys, off to Focus again tomorrow for some more board and timber while their sale is on ;D:D

get going gav, all this in one day, cor your slacking you are ;):D :D :D

fair size mate, and easily accessable to, whats the main aim then arabel or cattle??

Cheers mate, will be a mixed unit when I've got it going, I didn't buy 100+ cows off ebay for nothing last year ;D:D :D

about time too :D

Who pulled your chain ;D:D :D

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Been doing a bit more on the shed this afternnon, it's gained another bay ;D I'm going to keep to the Britains buildings as with a bit of creative engineering you can keep extending them by gluing them together :) Just have the guttering and ridge to sort out now on it.



A couple of inside shots showing the Tucano parked up for winter and the Stoll on the Celtis :)




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'bout time too Gavvers, with all those lovely things you build they deserve a good home.... I sense this is going to be a good one.... Just make sure you keep that bloody dog out of there or you'll be forever starting over!  :D :D

Why do you think its 3 feet off the ground, even a flatulent spaniel can't get there at the minute ;D:D

I will be painting the room at some point, just had enough of decorating for now :D

I've not cut anything on the barns down at all yet Ben, only the ridges and gutters will be trimmed :);)

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that layout looks like it going to be great ohhh id love if my mrs let me do that to our spare room

Thats the joy of living alone ;D:D

comin on great mate looks like you got plenty of room for now  ;) ;)

Thanks mate, had the choice of two spare rooms but thought I'd better leave the bigger of the two as a spare bedroom for now :D

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Nice start Gav but I bet you soon realise like I did that you will never have enough room!!

I weathered the Britains buildings in my Two Oaks topic. The red beams look good if you make them into comcrete using the similar stone effect spray.

Arable? East counties farm?

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100 % right jez, you will never have enough room, once you start more and more things spring to mind, and you cant do it, we considered buying her parent house when it comes free, so i could have the loft space, a full 8m x 30 m and a good 10 ft high, no beams, but i could fill that with ease within a few months for what i want to do

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