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Samson PG25

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Hi every one.. Here ist my attempt to make a Samson PG 25 slurry tanker.

I started with a 65mm nylon piece wich i milled the wheel hubs in a CNC Milling machine (my daily job is tollmaker) and every thing is made in 3D drawing programs. Then i Made the wheel guards and put them on. The pump-tower is extended but not mounted yet. It is a long way to go but i think the wost is over.

Please come with feedback to my project.




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Looks great scale wise, is it a Joskin chassis you have used? Now we have seen your photo's of real machines it will be good to see a model one made.

  No its a chassis from the Britains tanker wich i've made 45mm longer. I will make 2 of them and if it seems to work, the front axle can be rised like the real one..
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Weel finaly i got time to do the pumptower .

I've milled a piece wich is attach to the tank and from the standard tower from Britains, i've made a bit longer. Actually it is to long now but what the heck :-) Next week i will mount the drip bucket on the backend (i really dont know what it is in english) and the tubes will also be fitted. enjoy and dont forget the comments please



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Lovely work ksp, must make it alot easyer haveing 3d drawing programs and the like to do the job with

Yes it make it much more easy. You ´can see right away if the propotions is wrong and changes can be made easly. If you look good you can see the blueprints underneath the tanker.

regards Kim

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looks very good ;)

any chance of some more pics of the stuff in the background 8)

Well the seed drills isn't completed yet but ill sure poste som pics when they are.

Well this has taken a huge step forward, Kim.  Looks perfectly to scale with the JD. Have you modified the Britains Samson loading arm?

Yes i've made an extension to the standard arm, but now the loading arm is to long if you compare to the real one.

many thanks for the replies its very nice to get some feedback when you spend so much time on your hobby.

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