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Amac ZM 2 potato harvester

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Here are some pictures from my self propelled Amac ZM 2 potato harvester. I'll have to admit that this fine piece of work was done by a good friend of mine who build six altogether both for himself, friends and the contractor who owns the 1:1 version.

It took about a year and a half to build the model from scratch to the final product with many hours going into the project. The result is however, in my opinion stunning.

I don't know if this particular model was ever imported or sold in the UK. The older sibling in orange livery was and also the newer model, fitted with a Claas Vista cab was imported.


It all started with the chassis. Everything was hand build except from the wheels and beacon. Aluminum and brass were chosen as materials to use because of strength as a lot of the parts have a function and need to move.


The lifting unit is fitted with all the details that the real one has as well. The webb was made out of thin strips of rubber and 0.8mm copper wires that are used in electricity cables. This was actually just a try out to see if it worked well. As you can see the spacing in between the bars is not correct. On the actual model this was solved.


The elevator is fully operational and can fold in for road transport.


The parts together.


Six models were constructed at once. First one was build as a prototype to see if every part fit before the other five were assembled. As you can see they are standing on the original blueprint from the actual harvester which helped a great deal scaleing the model down to 1:32.


Fuel tank and the beginning of a cab are installed.


The harvester is also fitted with a front linkage and two row haulm topper.


The model is build up in sections so it easier for spraying. In the middle you can see the spiral cleaners which are essential for this bit of kit of course when we get a wet autumn!


Detail of the cab which was constructed out of aluminum.


And we're already nearly done. The machine has been given a lick of paint and decals from the contractor to which it belongs are added amongst many other details.


The elevator has been cladded with soft plastic so the tubers won't get damaged. A shame of all the work on the actual web but it is the most realistic.


In working position. This picture is actually a little older where the model does not have all the small details.


Ready for a day out in the fields! Plenty of harvesting power I'd think.


My own model. Sadly I don't have a nice display to put it in but with the Fendt and Joskin trailer next to it there is already an improvement.



That's about it. Sorry for the abundance of pictures for those of you that don't have the luxury of broadband internet! Any questions or comments. Feel free to put them down here.

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Thank you all for your comments. :D I am quite pleased with the model myself as well.

Next up is yet another potato harvester although this time a four row model from Grimme, the SF 3000.


Which will be followed by yet another four row potato harvester, the Ploeger AR-4B


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Christ.... that's incredible..... must have cost you a small fortune Niels, but worth every single penny, it's just stunning, big respect to your friend who built them  :o

Price was not to bad. Nothing like the prices which some German builders ask for their models.

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Sorry to disappoint you but all models are sold already ;). From the current project, the Grimme harvester there are 8 models being build but these are all forward-sold as well. With these nice models it doesn't take a very good sales pitch to get them sold :).

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