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New MF 8690... I finally got to see one in the flesh....

Lord Ferguson

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Now there is a Yankee tractor for sure.....where was she made at Marky?

Beauvais I believe Pops... a la France...

Bit of a Beasty. Was that at Lamma? The one there had that hitch on it.

I suspect it was John... to sign said it was a 'snotty' off production (hand built) model and didn't reflect the build quality of a 'line model' - that's a very common hitch in France I believe

do ye own her marky

Regretfully not Marcus... I only wish I did mate  :o:D :D
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I've ordered you one.. and me two.... they just need your credit card details mate please  ;):D :D :D

your gonna need a seriously offset  three point linkage adaptor to use that three furrow fergie plough. thats acheiveable my only worry is fitting the tyre in the furrow unless you go for on land ploughing?. at least sat up that high straight furrows should be achieveable mate so on the whole things looking good yeah?
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Well i think they retail around the 140+k mark as a basic Fendt 936 retails at 160k and rule is MF is always little less due to less sophistication. But these are only retail will get large discount  ;)

But she looks a beauty

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I am so looking forward to meeting you Nick A  >:(


Were big heavy boots at Spalding... 'Accidently tread on Nicks foot'  :D :D

I reckon she'll be well over the 100k mark... I suspect not a lot of discount is being offered just yet either... I'll find out and report back my findings....

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