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casting-can you help



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ive never done one before but i recon

you will need a two bit mould

shore up your windows in the cab you want to cast (needs to be shored up to stop rubber getting out) then fill it with synthetic rubber

so you now have an inner mould then

do an outer mould  by placeing the cab in a small box with roughly 2-3cm space

around the outer cab frame (still needs to be shored up to stop rubber getting in )

you now have two moulds ...an outer and inner mould

pour resin into the outer mould then push down your inner mould to push the exes resin out and leave for

roughly half an hour to go off

i think its called "squidge moulding"

there may also be tutorials on moulding or "squidge moulding" on youtube.com

hope this helps  mate

Edited for Text Talk!!

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