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small pins / bolts etc??



quick Q!!

i have some buckets for the 3CX and the 8010 (i think its the model number), now there is no Q hitch that i know of yet for either, let me know if there is please!!

does any one have an idea for an easy way to remove the buckets quickly but allowing some play ability?, currently i have some push pins that spread (not sure of their real name) but they seem fiddly to use :-\ :-\

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would prefer something easier than bolts to be honest having thought about it now?, but may get some anyway ;)

might have to get to an RC shop, there is one nearby, its just the time....maybe sat :-\ :-\

anyone else have any ideas, keep posting :) :) :)

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well ben have you took of the buckets yet if not i would get pliers and a screw driver

and fiddle around

step 1)get the screw driver and push the screw driver towards you and the pins should split and then gett pliers and cut the pins and the bucket should come off then get the draw pins what ever they are called and put the bucket into place and put the pin through

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Here are a couple, check sellers other items and compare prices as there are some vast differences ;)



If they dont have the size you want listed drop them an email as thats what I did for half the sizes I have.

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