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At Work with Ricky


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Thought I'd give you a run down on the low down this year with me

it'll be easy to keep up guys as i don't do a lot  ;D

6930 with not even 40 hrs on the clock yet


Bloody Badger Hole, the tractor wheel dropped in with a bang goin over the set, = Badger probally dead now  :'( :'(




6930 vs 4 furrow kv = Piece of pi$$ to pull neeed another furrow bolted on


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I was for putting one on at her 1st service but my job is less secure now at work as things are slow like everywhere i suppose, so i'm gonna hold off to see how things pan out

it'll take £2600 to have a good degenhart fitted  :'(

then i have stone fork but need to buy a press as well  :'(

Looks good Ricky how long have you had your tractor ???

got her early december

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Have to admit I am surprised to see a Badger sett in the open, they are usually tucked away in wooded areas. I have only ever seen one before in the open and that was in a permanent pasture not an arable field. Still tidy bit of work though and I hope the job works out  :-X :-X :-X

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ah yes ricky i know what you mean, not easy these days is it, i know some boys that has had a jd linkage sitting in the yard for 2 years now not moved brand new still in the crate and they have never got round to fitting it, think they will notice it i nicked it for you  ::):D

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Nice pictures  ;) We have wood chucks and they make some nasty holes like the badgers. I was up to the farm one day just for a few minuets and one of the guys came back with the back window of the 7810 blown out. Guess he hit a hole and he said it sounded like a bomb going off when the window broke. I was out merging hay and the hay covered up a hole and sure enough I hit it. I was not going that fast and was in an open station tractor so no window broke but boy do you feel it when you hit one of those holes  :o I would hate to hit one of those on a hill.

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Were you sad to see her go. so do you think that the 30 series is an improvement over the 20

Yea i was, she was throwing out 175hp she was a power house,

But the 30 series, fookin sexy stuff, the soone ri can swap the 6420s for a 6430 same spec as our 6930 the better but it will defo be a while

very nice ploughing ricky, nice, level and straight ;)

Clearly cameras do lie then, level yes, straight no, bits of it were straight inbetween the bends, like i said a hill like a top hat tall and steep sides only a little flat around the edges

Nice place ricky,You ever grown onions at your place?

no matey we have more sense  :D

how do you work that gear box ricky  :)

With ease, although if i was to tell you it'd take me a while,

basically set desired speed with thumb scroll, then the lever works from zero to that speed, on road pull lever back while braking to get engine braking (very effective!!)

um thats it kinda sorta in a roundabout way

nice pics ricky, was going to ask how much time you get on the farm, but saw your post about work so guess more of late

well its pressure season approaching, only 5.7 acres ploughed only another 130 odd to do :D  JMF 32 hrs a week, Missus a few nights a week, models late at nite and farm inbetween and weekends

busy busy busy

Got the hedges finished tonight and the cutter

photos to follow when photo bucket loads

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