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Combine Header Trailer

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Brilliant Mark...

Now... how's this for a coincidence.. I made a full functioning screw jack for my wooden trailer last night... I though it looked good until I looked at yours  :-[ :'( :D :D

That's a nice build... especiually in metal... how did you shape the towing eye thingy ???

Spooky.........we must have shared a psychic brainwave :D  All shaped with hand files and needle files ;)

Looks great Mark  ;) and dab hand with welder i see, did you use MIG or ARC  :)

looks like mig ,as they are good welds  ;):)

Arc on low amps :P  The only mig I've got use of is a cr499y gasless one

Welded?!! Slow down Hamilton, some of us havn't even mastered soldering yet!!  :o

Looking really fine mate. Should have enteret her in the Comp, Mark.

Love it, very clean.  8)

Cheers Tris, I'll read the rules of the comp see whats involved, be nice to be in it in some form :-\

great build there mate class stuff ;)

this looks great well done lad ;)

Thanks painter & Bren

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looks like mig ,as they are good welds  ;):)

mig doesn't always give good welds rich , well not if you've seen my welding lately  :D :D :D :D :D

looks a nice trailer mark , much rather see this than the 4wheel trailers they bring out , fit most headers i would think though would it or will it just fit the deere header ?

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Thanks Sean, you can weld smaller than that with TIG

Marcus, The only other detachable header I've got is off a Case AFX8010 which looks like a 30 footer. That probably won't fit on it  :D  I made this one to be suited to sizes I'm more familiar with - about 18 foot and under or thereabouts.

I've e.mailed Andy to enter the comp now, so I will scale the brackets a bit more realistically and add some more little bits and bobs.

I learned to weld on arc and have stuck with it mainly, can't beat the good penetration :D

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