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Nick's JD 7810 US version (allmost finished)

MPR Models

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were could you get those us version

looks good

Early stage Marcus,it is just parts from a 8400 and a plastic 7400 so far

So nick!

Nice to see someone helping me turn pete green!!!

Looking great again pete!!

I am so glad that i did those 4 Volvos  :D :D :D.....Cheers mate  ;)

Might need to send that yoak to my place to keep nick safe from his wife Pete.He can look at it when he's down here and it will still be his it just lives with me (and alot of fiats and MF's) :D

That would be very kind of you Ol,because then i don't have to bring it to Spalding mate  :D :D :D

Doesnt take much jez, just say the challange and he does it  :D :D Cant wait for spalding ;) ;)

That's true  :D :D :D

don't go pete :o, your volvos will do you just fine, but new hollands are nice  ::)8) 8) :P

It's Ok Murray I will not leave my red baby's  :);) By the way,I'm thinking to make a T9000 series  :o so we will see mate  ;)

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