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weathered mixer wagon

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give the weigh scales a scrub lad then you ll know what weight you have in her  :D

oh aye that might help lad  :D

I would say its pretty good  too mate  ;D ;D ;D ;D

thanks i was not sure myself, so i thought i would as the experts  :D

looks good mate although glad im not eating whats in it  :D :D

cheers simon, its a mix of sawdust pva glue, green, yellow and brown paint with a sprinkle of sawdust on top :D

Looks good Murray  ;) what did you use to make the effect then  ;D

thanks Rhys, eh just sawdust paint and glue  ;)

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I think that looks well lad ;)

many thanks painter ;)

Good start, nice work as I find it's very hard to get the balence between to much and to little....but having never seen a used feeder wagon I would have no idea :D

aye its hard to get balanced, but our mixer is very clean as it gets washed every year, but i have seen mixers that have hardly seen water for ages, so mine has not be washed for a while  :D

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