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Contractors Dispersal Sale - Wiltshire


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Sad day Friday, local contractor Clem Bowyer and Son LTD who are based in view of my house are selling off their kit and ending a good few years of a family run contracting business. I used to watch them all round my village as a youngster and this is the reason I asked Mattias71 to make me the 8210. Always a keen user of the Ford brand and later, New Holland. It will be an interesting sale and thus - day off on Friday to have a stroll across the field and watch the sale. Lot's of people I know will be there so it will be interesting to see where some of the machinery finds a home. I can remember the days when a dozen tractors, two Jag 695's, four or five combines used to head off down the lane past my primary school in the mornings. Never did get the chance to work for them but they were almost the sole reason I took the career path I did.

Anyway, if you're interested here are the details.


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Went up and had a look today mate and I have to say, there's some tired old stuff  :-\ Both Foragers look ok from the outside, as does the combine apart from stickers peeling off. Vaderstad isn't in bad nick but all the discs look like they want replacing which is costly. The mowers look worn and tired, as do the wrappers. The big baler looks good for her age, as do the round balers but they all have a high bale count. The ploughs are good, the 6f is at least 11 years old. The trailers all look shabby, the tractors are showing their life a bit . ...

Should be an interesting sale, nothing is gleaming but them boys looked after their kit mechanically. The dealer did very little really.

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fair bit of kit going there tris, see theres two tm's at the top in need of attention to the fuel tanks, have you been driving them then mate :D :D :D

Cheeky sod!! No, it's two spare TM fuel tanks in need of attention. They arn't on the tractors...

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