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Direct Disc header for Foragers


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This has been puzzling me for a couple of weeks now..

Have been looking through pictures and videos of 2008 harvest and noticed alot of farmers using Direct Disc headers for wholecrop and it suddenly came to me why don't they use it for silage as well. I am sure I have seen somewhere a picture of a claas forager with direct disc cutting grass.

Is it perhaps that grass is much more denser and damp than wholecrop?

Would like to know why they don't use it for grass and thought this would be the best place to ask.


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Main reason two reasons are, Grass needs some wilting time, eg, mowed at 10am, choped at 3pm , The other reason is , cerial paddocks are normaly cleaner, haveing been worked up they tend not to have bumps and rocks

Hope thats some help to you

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Forward speed too is a factor too. If you think the forager only has to pick up a swath so most of it's horsepower is used to chop and move. If it had to cut the crop with a cutting width of up to 3m, aswell as chop it and move, this would massively affect forward speed. Plus you would have to cover more ground.  ;)

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