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John Deere 4450

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i'm new here on the forum. not completly new, if been a members from some time but didn't post any photos ore comments. i'm Geoff Hoving, 20 years of age, i live in Borger, a little vilage in the north of Holland. i'm a fulltime excavator operator and in my spare time i like to build some models.

The photos of the finished model, the John Deere 4450.





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Aha!! Farmphoto Geoff!!  :) :)

That is a great looking model and there are loads of people who are going to fall over with joy when they see it. Especially Barry, Nick..., Jez, BM Pete, SIMON. . ..  like I said, lots!!

With all those wieghts up front I hope she has a big plough to pull  8);D

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Straight in there with a fine first post ;D.... that'll set the cat among the pigeons... maybe... ??? whatever.... Anyway....

I get the impression I'm going to enjoy looking at your posts... I hope we're going to see some blue stuff coming out of your workshop too, because that standard of workmanship could do wonders for a Ford or NH... ;);D

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yep i'm a pritty active member at farmphoto ;)

thanks for all the kind and positive replys guys !

the model is based on a Ertl stock66 ( 4440/4430 ) the tires, rims and front axle are from the TTV from UH. the frontlinkage is from PMA32. the back linkage is just an normal siku linkage.

later tonight il post some more photos of some of my conversions and some other hand build models in my collection.

take care  :D

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