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Bicton College BOAT Tractor Rebuild.


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It was my tractor. I bought it from a dealer about 10 years ago and used it for a year but laid it up as the clutch was nearly out, never touched it since as other projects have taken priority.

I know several people locally with connections to Bicton and also some of the Tractor & Machinery mag people and when they said they were looking for a David Brown for 2009 I suggested that I had a suitable candidate so they came and veiwed it and give it a run. Mechanically the tractor is pretty sound but those at Bicton are going to give it a complete rebuild but seeing the 2 & 1/2 pages of the list of parts they want I think that the 24 hours in which they intend to do it is nowhere near realistic as they will have to refurb parts that are not available which will take up time. They don't seem to know a lot about doing up a D.B. tractor as one time consuming mistake they have already made was when removing the right-hand final drive to get at the brakes, they did not engage the diff-lock to compress the mechanism and its all dropped into the botom of the axle, this will take quite a bit to fish out and reinstate and I'm going to have to supply them with a print out of such things like crank bearing and end cap torque settings, tappet clearance settings, engine timing and the like so I'm going to be there at some stages to make sure they get things right. This is going to be one very interesting 24 hours. (Plus)

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Its going to be a total full rebuild. They will probably put new mudguards on but the bonnet will be repaired. Some of the work will have to be done before, such as the bonnet. The crankshaft has already gone to be polished so things are getting prepared but I'm very sceptical that it will be all back together in the time.

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