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here is my next project, lots of time at the moment due to being laid off, any way this one not to taxing its a uh mf 135 took off rounded mudguards added square resin ones sprayed with genuine mf red paint, next bit attempting flexi cab ,no doors though to difficult for me im afraid, have got the plastruct so now will try making the frame work for the cab if anybody has any ideas for what material to use for the roof please let me know, got lots of photos for reference, mate i went school with still has his 135 on the scraper permantley , cheers paul



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very easy mate, sean told me how to do it, my mudguards were not original they were resin copys bought from e bay, all i did was were the hole is on the mudguards was to sand them down on the inside of the mudguards with some glasspaper a little at a time until they fitted, does that make sense? i will try to get a picture johny ,paul

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no 100 % with you there nathan, it is wrong, but i do have a pic of a 135 with mil master laoder ,bought fromn new with shell fenders on it?? so who knows

for the roof, well i used a weird synthetic bandge from the cars first aid kit on my 185, its a sort of fine cloth material, with a soft feel, hard to explain really, but after a fair few attempts with various materials thats the best i could find ,once paited it cut and shaped just fine   

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wow that cab is looking great Paul

for the roof how about using a piece of old rain coat material which is thin or in the pics of the real one you posted it looks silver in colour which looks like a similar material to which I have a waterproof car cover made out of,

think the material is called tyvek I think off the top of my head,I think theres different thickness' ,maybe its of use ???

what sort of material is the real one made out of ???

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you need something that shapes easily, will take the glue ok, hence why i used the bandage, i would guess any good chemist will seel it, try the one at yelverton mate,

i tried a good 6 or 7 materials, for mine, this worked the best, even tird the toilet roll and glue method they use on model railways for covers

used it on my 16th 135 and loader convo to, it was that good 

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