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MF 698T 4wd

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managed to get another ROS 600series style cab & made a decision to build a 698T & not a 675 , but this time unlike the 690 & more like the 699 i decided to fit a siku front axle.

a britains 595 chassis is the base as all 698T i've encountered have been short wheel base units

to get the height right with the front axle i had to cut into the chassis else the front would be to high


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for the fixing of the floorpan, the peice of metal that holds the britains drivers seat, has been removed & filed down & peice of plastic (electrical conduit covering) is glued into the floorpan,hole drilled & a screw to hold firm.

another plastic strip is cut & a seat glued into place then placed loose ontop of the previous peice & covers the fixing screw

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so far so good, the bonnet is quite rough , so a bit undecided wether to get another or to get this one made good , & yes that is a front grill from a britains landini  :(

exhaust pipe , a cotton bud bent to shape & painted

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right then ,


britains rears , effectively  38in rims


pic 2

ROS rears ,effectively 34in rims

not much choice in the fronts as the ROS fronts are the same diameter as the britains, although the ROS looks a lower profile tyre & the britains are a touch wider , however the fronts are there to stay , but which rears to use , bearing in mind , 38" rims were widely fitted to the 698 but not on the 698T

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I prefer it on the Ros wheels Marcus.... she's going to be another beauty..... ;D I'm also deeply annoyed that you got that Hurliman on eBay >:( >:(:D :D :D If only I'd been quicker, 3 GODDAM QUID :o>:(:D :D

i think i prefer the ROS wheels too mate yep £3 :D don't worry mate , i now have  a 699,698T,690, so all i need now is a 6992wd, 698,2 & 4wd, 698T 2wd, 6904wd ,690T 2 & 4wd , 675 2 & 4wd  so after another 9 tractors you can bid safely :D :D :D

thanks chaps

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