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Another build ive been at,this is the mc115 chassis,mf 5455 cab but with the mudguards cut hexagonally rather than rounded under the doors as the 4270 had not got round mudguards,the floorpan is off a mf 6290 as there the right shape and the back section of mudguard is off a ros 3070 to get the right shape,this is a very tricky job getn this right and there is a tremendous amount of filing and cutting here.....bonnet of a 5455 with the round lights removed and new square ones added....i will def not be building these to sell,there a nightmare for such a small tractor,the smaller mc cormick with the platform instead of cab would suit to make a 4255 or 4355 but remember the 4370 has a black outer edging on the mudguards that the 4270 doesnt



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That's fantastic Brian... it's nice to see older ranges being modelled too, the new ones are well represented but go back a few years and the models wire pretty dire, we need folk like you to do these classics justice.... I love it, even if it is red.... ;)

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thats one hell of a conversion great idea for the cab are you going to paint the rubber around the doors black like the real doors it might break up the grey a little

    No rubber around the glass on a 4200 series cab, just a broad black band on the glass itself and all the glass is bonded in with a black bonding material. I should know, I own one and I 've had to replace a glass panel in it. From a distance the cab frame appears black but this is in fact the black edging on the glass, the frame is Graphite grey.

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