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my ford and new holland collection


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Nice collection of blue  :)

A couple of DBP's up in the top right corner there?


yea have 1884, 1184, 1174, 754, 7710,7610 and a 7000 all from dbp.  they are great models.

VERY nice ;D now... is your house on this Google Street View thing so I can case the joint ???;):D :D

thats why i have a good guard dog.  ;);D

plan to get some close ups on soon,  need a good background or layout first but. ;)

Any close-ups?

Brilliant collection of blue you have there, some very nice models. :)



Thanks mate

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Cor, you've got them all haven't you, fantastic ;D I've got to sort my collection of Fords out.... going to hunt a few out at Spalding .... aren't they beautiful ;D

yes cant beat a ford. ;D

saving up for dbp long and short nose 1474s next. 

were do you keep them all, oh how many models have you got all together.

keep them all in my bedroom.  the best models are in a big glass shelved cupboard.  not sure i will have to count again.  i have over forty ford and newhollands at the minute.

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