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ferguson system transport

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got to use dads login as he cant log out to let me log on  >:(

swapped a green595 for a flat-bed lorry. dad sprayed the cab looks good and made the stickers

1) a load of 2 gray fergys ,1 red 35x and a 35industrial tractors (modles too)

2) view of back window

thomas b


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you've made a very good job of it  :o :o

im back im back...

yea sorry..

right thanks for that mate it was hard work and it wasfun well it lasted. :D :D :D :D

Ah... I see now... hello Thomas B...  ;D:-*

That's a lovely truck you have there buddy... dads made a good job of that Thomas...

Thanks for sharing bestist buddy  ;)

hi mark gues what........im back im back..

well hi then and thanks for that i dont know what i can say  :)good luck :-*

modified for text talk  ::)

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nice work there Thomas, good to see your keeping you dad busy! :D

always ben never let him go anywhere  ;D

thats a smart lorry and the loads  :P;):)


thanks it WAS a ugley lorry its like pimp my truck 8);D

Smart job, Thomas. Good load of Fergies in the first pic too.  ;)

why thank you ,but i did not own the tracktors i owned the truck the 2two fergies

dad toke photos

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  • 4 weeks later...

Nice job Thomas - now what is Dad doing for you next :D :D

Thomas has asked me to help with his next venture , so i supose it's classed as a joint venture & although i'll be using the sharp knives & power tools , he's a dab hand with the glue & ideas.

  I may add that it's his own money he's saved that will be financing the project so will only be a few weeks maybe before he shows you whats in the offing !

Once i've done my bit , like all dads i'll be surplus to requirement & he'll take the credit for the whole thing  :D :D ::)

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