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britains 135,s silaging

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Fantastic Brian, they all look lovely... you going to do a mudguard change on a UH 135 any time soon as well.... ??? would like to see you put that Duncan cab on one too, just gorgeous.... :) And you've cracked your photography too, doing your work far more justice now.... ;D

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the converted uh 35x represents the 1965 135,round fenders and red centres,the fibreglassed cab version slightly later around late 66,still red centres but flat top fenders,the duncan cabbed version has a straight axle and the uncabbed version the later 135 made right up to 1981 for the uk market,i have a restored 135 the 1974 version with mf rigid cab,i spent over 650 hours restoring it and ill get a few pics up soon,i took nearly 3.5 years gathering up totally original genuine parts for the restoration so wanted a few in my collection representing the long span these tractors were in production...the 1965 version was little more than a revamped 35x featuring improved hydraulics,the major changes took place to the 135 a few years later,uprated engine,heavier gearbox housing and about 30 other improvements...

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Smashing collection... I love them all.... well done and thanks for sharing...

I'm looking forward to seeing your real 135 as well   :P :P

marky i think your going to like her, not one detail missing or incorrect. i'll let brian fill you in on the rest :o :o :o :o :o :o
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