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A Couple of my Displays......


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Here are a couple of my Display Areas. These are both in my room. Notice the FTF Ford in Pride of Place...... ;) ;)

None of these models have ever been used on the carpet farm except the Ford TW-5 which helped bring in the tatties this year...... :D;) ;) ;)

Models in this pic are:-

Massey Ferguson 1800 Artic Collectors Edition

FTF Ford 7000

New Holland TN75D-A

Grey Fergie

Sanderson Forklift (Boxed)

New Holland 6635 and Loader (Boxed)

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good don't want to have the day ruined do ya

Oh no. I hated it when I had the cold on Christmas, completely spoiled the meal and getting up, I just didn't feel like it...... :(

Got any more pic's of the fiat there NH2? is it 1/32 scale?

Hi Fendt Power. I posted some pics of this a while ago. I'll put the link below. It's a 1/23 model by Giodi of Italy. It's a funny scale but looks good...... :);)


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:);) ;) :) :) ;)

Tractors here include:-

Fiat 18090DT

Ford TW-5

New Holland TS125-A

Ford 8240

Ford 5610 x2

John Deere 6920

New Holland TG285 (1/64)

New Holland TG255 (to the side of the Ford 8240)

I just spotted your picture and it brought back some memories .

Back in 2002 my local small toyshop was selling off the big wheeled Ford 5610 for ?5.00 each .

I bought 4 and converted them to various things but the sad thing is ,at the time he had about 20 of them at a fiver each !

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