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MF/FENDT dealers yard


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one more pic for now,i could fill the yard numerous times with mf and fendt,ill be taking a lot of my collection to moira,i dont like taking them too far and this will be there first outing,ill set them all up foraging baling,tilling,ploughing,hope ive time to get the set ready


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im not so much into the diarama end of things though i admire those who are,i keep my collection shelved and thought id do the dealers yard just to display my for sale tractors at shows,hope you,s like the scene

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That is brilliant Brian, I can't pick a single whole in any of your work.... well, apart fro the fact that  none of it has a Ford badge on ::);):D.... it is just amazing, I'm very envious of your collection, it's quite obviously exactly what you want it to be and that is something I'm a long way from getting close to :)

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