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A baby bunning is born

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Well, I said that the next project in the pipeline was a bunning spreader,progress has been somewhat slow but steady considering the events within this "tribe", (nice one simon),lately.

This one is based on a 9 tonne lowlander, which we hire on a regular basis, and will hopefully purchase later this year.

the body taking shape along with the top rim........(fiddly!)





a very nice set of flotation tyres,they will do for now  ;)


after a bl**dy lot of headscratching,and a post for help on here,mr."4055 power" (sorry for not knowing your name),posted up a topic from last year which proved very helpful  for constructing the rear augers/beaters.They had to be slightly larger than scale for these hands to deal with,jesus they were fiddly!!!

spot the message simon ???  ;)




just showing off the " holiday hands"

floor chain and guides and slats




thats all for now,hopefully more tomorrow after we've all roasted on the beach...........hopefully ;)

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Looks good so far :) I actually have the engineers drawings here for the Lowlander 105 model which were given to me by David Bunning whilst talking to him about the trailer model that I already make, will get round to it soon enough ::):D

Hands are cleaner apart from some fool has been writing on your nails, not good enough ;D:D :D :D :D

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Well, well and another well just to be sure!

(Here we go again I hear the rest of you sigh, Deere-est and his flipping Bunning waffle!)

I love Bunning spreaders and will argue till my grave that these are the best vertical auger biosolid spreaders there is. OK the bio spreaders differ slightly but even against the reknown Tebbe's horizontal auger over discs, these Bunnings whoop big time. I would dearly love a 140 on a four corner chassis to replocate the one I put in the region of 10,000t through last summer. Great to see another of their range being built, will watch with interest. 8)

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as promised,another early morning update on progress,managed to do a bit more today inbetween things

made frame for beaters,sideplates,top and bottom rails and top bearing covers


also cut all blades and fitted them


fitted the slurry door rails,(this one isnt going to have a slurry door),and put the side fillets on.


starting to take shape,bit more detail (floor chain tensioners).


floor chain gearbox and motor,guard rail and light box.


dont ask me why theres another picture the same cos its too bl**dy late!!


other side light box.


looking more like the real thing


better start thinking about paint now,..........not metallic pink though.

honestly..........I picked that up at a carboot sale for next to nothing......honestly,......someone believe me pleeeeeaaaaase !!!!    ::)


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I was waiting for someone to notice the floor,it took almost as long as the augers.The first attempt didnt look right and went in the bin.

The second looked much better with the two lengths of pike wire as floor chains.Handy stuff the old pike wire and "slim crimps" ,you can make all sorts of stuff with it. ;)

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