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sanderson forklift repair


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I was wondering if anyone knows how the plastic spring bit was fixed on. by the look of it, it has broken off the clip for locking the height.

The reason I ask is I need to know what way round thing goes, and if it is meant to be fixed at one end or is just jammed in place. it came out long end to the inside.


(sorry for long confusing story)



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This is the way that mine is fixed on

Looking from the drivers seat of the forklift



And then from the front end


There seems to be a clip that holds it in place so I don't know what you have done to yours :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\

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ah thank you. like i said sorry about pics, mobile phone needs all its time button wise ;D

i dont know how it broke, but I remember it wasn't like that when before it went in the box and it came out broken. Might have something to do with the operation in between. (that was contracted ;D)

looks like its going to be a pain to glue the short end on the catch, not much room for error between moving components.

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