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Fews Farm


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just thought id post up a few picture of my new farm ive just finished most of the grazing and silage field just finished painting the yard but no sheds built yet hopefully it will eventually be a dairy farm with a bit of tillage so first up a few pics of the yard



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Great start you have made there. Is the room not to warm in the summer and to cold in the winter for your collection.


no its quite sheltered and warm its an old grain loft the crushing house is below so its quite low and the roof starts about waist height so it warms up very quickly once your up there

Ooooo, some nice things there, can we see some close up pictures of some of your kit?

anything in particular

thanks for the rest of your comments lads theyre very much appreciated

and is it my computers fault that i can see the topic in the board until someone replys to it i have lots more photos but its hard to post them waiting for replys

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the next field is the one i wintered the replacement heifers on and then the silage field with the contractor baling up some early grass with the fusion

Blue muck spreader and the trailers  :);)

ill get some next time im up there the spreaders my attempt at a bunning made from the britains samson and which trailers ive two redrocks from martin and a cut down marston and a convered briatins cattle trailer with a $h*t box its been lowered and a new drawbar



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