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That looks smashing BOR and has given a few ideas so I can properly finish mine sometime ::)

what wheels did you use on the front as they are spot on and have to agree these have good convo potential as they are easy to dismantle as its all screwed together

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is that a siku forager then ? lovely model , can remember hauling alongside one of those  seemed to think wow , so much more power & speed than the 690 !

more like it was going slightly faster & the 7710 i drove at the time & couldn't match the gears quite right  ! in certain gears i'd be close to stalling as it was just too much to pull , the next gear down she'd be revving flat out & still not able to keep up , thats how i remember the 695 mega :D :D :D

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the pictures i worked off when doin this convo came from internet,got quite a few from germany but one in particular looked good,it had this type of header fitted and was the 1st time i noticed one on a 695.. i also noticed that some models have a handrail on the side with no door and others dont,would that mean the pics i worked off was the later model??? i think so but be interesting to hear from you,s....ive watched quite a few 695,s working here in ireland,mainly in south and although they were ruling the roost in their day i always felt that they would have needed to be 3 years earlier to make an impact..for me there just wasnt enough major modifications from the old model and when i say this i mean mainly the engine,could have handled another 50-80 hp would you agree?? look how far forward class came with the 800 range,now there,s something that made an impact,for me that 800 impact never came with the 695,but after doing the model im so pleased with it that i really am thinking about keeping it and adding to my forager collection.. i felt the 800 range had it all compared to the 600,s...i remember them coming out and watched a 860 working in co wexford for an hour one day and i thought now there,s what we,ve been missing,then i saw a 880,then for me the best of all the 900

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