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Scratch builds (snowplows)

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Well, the past few years I have been busy building snowplows. Everything except the cabs tires, tire chains and wheels are molded from a resin plastic. I documented the process(hey i was bored ;D)

Oshkosh P50


Wing slides installed



Box intalled




At this point, I wasn't shure if the front plow was going to be a Vplow or one-way.

It was a V! It was just sitting infront of the truck when the photo was taken.


Side wing



Now the wiring harness


Plowmounts all painted and finished!! and tire chains installed



Vplow installed


All finished!!(finnaly)






This thread took like an hour. I have more of the process of building another ploe, but haven't finished it yet. I will post them in this same thread instead of creating another.

Hope you like them!

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Sweet baby jesus!! That is superb. All the rivet heads and bolts etc. .  the snow chains... the lifting gear. . . what a superb amount of detail. So why snow plows then? Childhood memories of a family member driving them, or do you? Or just a bit of a fancey for them in general? You certainly capture them in model scale ver, very well. Oh and what scale is it?

(Could you limit your pics to 6 per post please, just makes it a little easier for people with slower connections etc.   ;))

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I drive one for the village when the snow gets heavy. I drive a 1960's Walter's Snow Fighter.

iThanks for the well..thanks. It is a 1/27 scale. Oh and yell I will limit my posts sorry, got a litttle carried away :-[


Many thanks to the guys over at Oshkosh for helping me on this project!

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I know nothing about US spec trucks but I do like the look of them, always remind me of the Spielberg film 'Duel'... ;):)

Thought I'd have a look for some photos after seeing this amazing build and found this site which may be of interest to some.....


This is a cracking scratchbuild, look forward to seeing your other plough soon too ;D

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I use that site for both reference and drawing up my winning lottery ticket purchases, Simon!  :D

Must be an interesting bit of kit to drive, what kind of depth of snow are we talking in a typical winter for you guys to blade through?

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