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John Deere 7720 New pictures!

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Thanks for your replies guys! ;)

The fronthitch comes from Marien van Breugel, he is Dutch and this is his website www.agriscale.nl The site is also available in English, so I guess that won't be a problem! ;)

@Deere-est (*** keep forgetting your real name :-[ ), some good idea's you bring up there! I think I will try the 2nd idea first, it's a bit expensive for Pete to fly over ;D

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Firstly great pictures Ziko really excellent composition  :) you obviously have a tip top camera ;D

Secondly your 7530 appears to have one of those misleading 6930 decals on it ::)

And finally as good as your conversion is why did you leave the 30 series roof on it? Was it not possible to put the 20 series roof on instead?  I guess the donor 8530 roof probably wont come off without causing damage and therefore had to be left, nevermind you could do a similar one on a 7930 model which would look even more awsome.  But anyway excellent effort mate!

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Thanks for the replies! ;)

@Tractorman810, sorry :-[

@Bluegreen, I actually have a crappy camera that came from Aldi :D It's not about the camera, it's more about lighting and things like that ;)

If you tell me where I can get some decent 7530 decals I'll change that.

It's almost impossible to make a 20 series roof to fit on this cab, especially without damaging the cab. That's why I didn't change the roof.

I dind't do a 30 series model because we drive with a 7720 in real life! :D

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