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Fordson Conversion

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my latest Conversion. Fordson Super Major 4WD?

The right Decals missing?

What do you think?


Hi ,yes those decals are for the "New Performance" Super Major which has the headlights in the front grille and the light fawn (Fordson Major Grey) mudguards, front grilles,seat pan & wheels. The right badges would be Diesel or Power Major.

I echo the comments of it being an original before you started...?...... ;):)

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It was a white metal kit from an original Britains Body of a Fordson New Performance Major. Because it is always difficult to find original Front tires, I searched for a solution for this problem. So i had a front axle from a Britains Deutz complete with tires. I took the original front axle pin from a Fordson and so it was no problem to fix the Deutz front axle.

Now i took the big Rear wheels of another Britains model like Ford 6600 and with some heat water they come over the Fordson DDN Metal centres.

Because the difference from this conversions from the Tractor body to the ground is bigger, than at the Fordson original, I took a Ford 6600 metal linkage and so I can use all Britains Implements like the plough at the pic. The Exhaust is from a Ford 5000 with a longer lower part from Brass, Air filter from Ford 5000 too.

The headlights are white metal Parts from the Bitains Fordson New Major.

So all Parts are from Britains Models.

Excuse for my bad english, I will show another pic.

Blueford (Günther)


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