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Britains MB Trac 1500 Conversions

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Hello there,

I know, you didn´t hear alot from me for a few months but work makes high pressure on me.

Every day 10 hours makes you go bonkers to.

In the last few weeks I had some little time for meself so I could make 2 convo´s.

I have refurbished 2 MB-Trac 1500´s from Britains.

The 1500 is much cheaper now as a few years ago.......... for 2 years was 200 Euro+ very normal but since Siku, Weise and now Schuco brought the 1600 and 1800 series of the MB Trac nobody is interested anymore in the Mb Trac of Britains.

Very good MB´s you´ll find on ebay for 50 euro or even less.

Check my both pictures of them.

Have a nice day,



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