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a simple hedge cut conversion

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i've wanted to do one of these for a while

ergos hedge cutter from the one with the loader

1 siku adapter set

and a bit of plastruct

took not very long to do.

i used the siku adapter so i could get it closer to the tractor.



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thats a fine little conversion was it very difficult to get it off the renault, because it costs like €40 and i dont want to make shite of the model :)

the tractor has to be taken apart ( i strip them for spares) and you would have to be very careful .

clever nath, now get on with making it uk spec and your on a winner :D :D :D :D

thats the hard part sean only way i can see of doing it would to use a mirror  :D :D :D :D

a bloke in modbury has a right handed trimmer so it will do for now,

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