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all side mounts are difficult,this is a few pictures of the build into the 2nd day,getting the body right is difficult and its better do do any shaping and filling before adding too many bits on as its harder to get into the tiny corners afterwards,just a matter of building bit by bit and after a few days they start to look like the real thing,theres none of the foragers easy



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few more,this caused me a few headaches,got the wheels made specially and added britains tyres,a brass frame as theres so much exposed...note my basic 6180,its the trying on tractor,spends its life on my workbench



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more with the 590,and a picture of a real slightly later fc80 on a late 590...apparently in the late 70,s jf dropped the viking name and just called them the fc 80 as they dropped the warrior name with the trailed versions and then just calling them the fct 900 and 1100



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more,this forager has been on the go for about 6weeks now,had to leave it for a while,it got frustrating,ive a couple of real hot models built waiting decals,will post soon



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last of the pictures,the chute is completly hand built and the model scratch built,not an easy build but ill do them again for any customers...just not yet for a day or two,more new stuff on the way soon



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theres a little jf side mount single chop here among the taarups..jf were popular in my area at a time...ive my latest forager primered today so will post soon...i made it to go behind my mf 1200,had been trying to pick the right one for a while now



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