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Seal wire, it looks great for barbed wire. It's proper use is for electricity meters, fuel injector pumps etc. I used it to make a four strand fence around part of my yard. If you use two top strands and some mesh below it will make great stock fencing.

Great start, is it an older setting for your farm?

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Well that was short lived! :D

Bare in mind this kind of thing is no quick job and it is something you can either spend hours at a time doing or, just do a little bit now and again. It keeps your mind fresh and gives you chance to pick up ideas along the way. I'm doing a work shop at the moment which hasn't been touched for 7 months! I have just found something I have wanted for it for ages though. If I'd tried to do it all in one go months ago, I'd have bodged it and missed out on what I have just bought for it ;)

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