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trailed class forager

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well i've had a NH baler pickup blu-tacked to my old britains forager since 1981 now & it's been repainted nearly every colour of the rainbow but i managed to collect a few jag 690 parts & as good as threw a trailed jag together  :)





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thanks chaps , yeah it's abit too long , but was looking at adapting the original chute by making it slightly longer rather than cut this one down

the colour is rover applejack from halfords sean , has come out a bit darker than i'd have liked & i even used white primer  ::)

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nice work Marcus!!!, king of 'using cheapish parts for the same effect'??.....you know what i mean!! ;) ;)

WHAT ! that jag i broke up was a MIB battery power & cost me £412  :o :o just for this conversion  >:( >:(:D :D :D :D

too right ben , i can't afford to but new cougars or big M, or X's to break for parts so i've bide my time & took nearly a year to find a good broken jag 690 for parts  :)

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