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New holland TL(yet to be determined)

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This is what has been occupying my spare time lately. The paint isn't very good because dust fell on it (why does it always have to fall on wet paint??? ;D ) in fact i'd be interested to know how you (where?) paint your models. It is of course not finished, the main difficulty of geting that horrible britains cabin to resemble something like the real one is still to be done. A part from that the exhaust and lights have to go on and I am not sure yet wether it will have a loader or a front linkage (or both?) or what I will badge it as.




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This is looking lovely so far,I never really liked those cabs that have the glazing overlapping the cab pillars either.

If the weather is nice and warm with no wind try tieing some stripped copper wire round your parts and hang it of a tree for spraying

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